German Morpheus Space has officially penetrated the United States, opening an office and naming a CRO

German Morpheus Space has officially penetrated the United States, opening an office and naming a CRO

Morpheus Space is an icon to reckon with when it comes to propulsion, and the startup is based in German. Recently, it expanded its territory by opening an office in the United States of America. Besides opening the office, Morpheus Space also names a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). He is quite famous and was once a fighter pilot and a U.S. Marine Corps officer. He is none other than David Kalinske.

Kalinske was in the Maritime Corps until 2013, when he retired. That’s after serving as a fighter squadron’s commanding officer, and he was also once Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush’s aide. He became part of the German Morpheus Space in January. It is important to note that it is not the first job ever since leaving the military after two decades of service. On the contrary, he had also worked with Flex, a manufacturer of electronics contract based in Singapore and the Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Programs.

According to him, he was naturally fit for the job since he was already working in aerospace. Therefore, transitioning to the commercial space sector would be relatively easy under such circumstances. He went ahead to explain why he was excited to be part of Morpheus. David said that two of its key investors, Airbus Ventures and In-Q-Tel, made him consider joining the company. He got the names from a list of investors it listed after the 2020 investment round. Up to date, the total amount from the funding remains a mystery. Other investors in the list include Techstars Ventures and Pallas Ventures.

Nevertheless, the funding went towards opening the office in Los Angeles, United States. In 2019, its founders joined the debut cohort of Techstars Starburst Space Accelerator based in Los Angeles. This move helped its co-founders Istvan Lorincz and Daniel Bock familiarize themselves with Los Angeles local financiers and space companies. Lorincz said that the importance of knowing financiers was indisputable since starting a hardware company requites a lot of capital. Also, being not too far from investors meant it is the same thing with innovation. According to him, Los Angeles offers space companies of all sizes and untapped talent that could be useful.

One would assume that Kalinske, as the chief revenue officer, would go for government contracting. After all, he has been in this for an extended period hence has most probably mastered the art. However, despite the experience, he doesn’t want to put all the eggs in one basket. Therefore, besides government contracts, he also considers commercial companies.