The UK has unveiled its first electric vehicle charging station to start operations

The UK has unveiled its first electric vehicle charging station to start operations

The UK rolled out its first electric vehicle charging station to set the ball rolling for this industry in the country. This station is situated close to Braintree in Essex and marks the first of many that are still developing. Gridserve will be running this station, which has initiated the implementation of the country’s plan to develop over 100 similar facilities all over the country through 2025. The facility has 36 electric vehicle chargers that distribute 350 kW of power. This quantity is equivalent to 200 miles for a car that would cover the distance in 20 minutes. The starting price for the energy is £0.24 for every kWh. Gridserve revealed that an electric vehicle would be charged to 80 percent at a price not exceeding $13.25. The company underlined that these are the most affordable prices currently in the market. 

The chargers in this station receive their energy from renewable energy sources ranging from solar panels linked with the station’s cables to the hybrid solar farm that the company operates. Additionally, the company boasts of its 6MWh battery developed in the facility to meet the high demand when it is peak. Gridserve reported that the battery developed can keep energy to run electric vehicles for 24000 miles in the unfavorable winter nights. The station’s opening comes a few weeks after prime minister Boris Johnson outlining a ten-point plan that will involve the ban on electric vehicles come 2030. This plan articulates that the hybrid vehicles will remain on the roads for an additional five years, after which they would be thinned out of the roads. Statistics by analytical experts show that there will be over 10 million electric vehicles on the UK roads before they grow to 36 million ten years after the ban on ICE cars. 

This UK electric vehicle charging station joins the other electric vehicle charging stations developed worldwide. A perfect example is the Maryland gas station, whose substitution with four electric vehicle charging points indicated its transition to clean energy systems to remain relevant in the market. CNBC noted that this was the first refill station to discard fuel oil for electric vehicle charging resources. Additionally, the election of Joe Biden as the US president is expected to revolutionize the country to start promoting the renewable energy industry while championing electric vehicles’ development and production to meet the climate change objectives. Finally, the UK has proved its support for transitioning to clean energy systems to reduce emissions coming from the transportation industry.

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