Contemplation of Renewable Energy Costs by Kamas City Council

Contemplation of Renewable Energy Costs by Kamas City Council

Kamas is among the 23 communities in Utah that are devoted to the Community Renewable Energy Act. The set goal by Kamas is to have 100% renewable energy in the entire society. The communities which are involved in this resolution included Ogden, Salt Lake City, and Park City. Yoder Lisa, who works with Summit County’s Office of Sustainability, said that utility experts, legal attorneys, and third-party consultants are establishing a draft on how much viable power will cost Kamas residents. In a meeting last week, Lisa said that this would cost Kamas $2000, payable in two years, to ascertain the amount of money residents would spend on renewable power. So far, Kamas has shown no commitment to make that payment. 

Lisa said that it is only through real commitments that will help Kamas see the cost they want to sign up for. When they commit themselves to make the payments, then the participation terms and any other detail pertaining to the agreement will be given to them. By doing so, the council would embrace an ordinance. 

After embracing the ordinance, Lisa added that every individual, every customer, residential customer, business, and everyone in the community would have a chance to opt-out. Blazzard John, a Kamas City Council member, said that he is not well convinced about devoting himself to the program. He said that he fully supports the use of renewable energy, but the manner in which Kamas will enhance 100% recycled power supply, he thinks, is a mere dream in his eyes.

 Blazzard added that he knows there is a vast biofuel pile above the town that can be used to produce power, but the cost they are being asked to pay is relatively higher than the energy they are currently consuming. This means that something is not adding up. How can you convince a person to leave low power cost and adopt higher cost energy? Is it practically possible?  In her response to Blazzard, Lisa said that yes, Blazzard is right that Kamas could not be 100% renewable wholly, but many businesses and residents would like to be. She added that what Kamas is doing is helping them and giving them a chance to decide if they want to be 100% renewable. Once the governance agreement draft is out, the city council would be able to determine if paying $2000 is worth it.

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